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School Motto, Alma Mater and Creed

Our Motto:
            "A Clear Head, A True Heart and a Strong Arm"
"Thank God, and thank the fathers of the republic who made, and the men who carried out, the promises of the Declaration, that in this country there are no classes with barriers fixed and impassable.  Here, in our society, permeated with the light of American freedom, there is no American boy, however poor, however humble, orphan though he may be, who, if he have a clear head, a true heart, a strong arm, may not rise through all the grades of society, and become the crown, the glory, the pillar of the state."
                                            -- James A. Garfield
Alma Mater:
            Originally sung to “America the Beautiful ”, the Alma Mater was written by Miss Abbie Doughty, Garfield's first librarian and appeared in school newspapers in 1925.  It was originally sung to "America the Beautiful," that is until 1942, when Luis Gaitan from the Class of Summer 1942 put the words to original music.
All Hail to Garfield High
Where purple mountains lift their heads
'Neath skies of deepest blue,
There stand the High School that we love,
To her we'll all be true!
Her crimson banner raise aloft
Beneath an azure sky.
And raise to her our song of praise
All Hail, to Garfield High!
Our Creed:
            "I believe in Garfield High School because it gives me a chance to work, an opportunity to sacrifice self for the good of all; and a challenge to serve my fellow students."
            "I believe it will develop in me the habit of punctuality and regularity; respect for the personal and property rights of others; a feeling of individual responsibility for the common good and a willingness always to give a square deal."
            "I believe it will help me to build for myself a clear head, a true heart and a strong arm."
Our School Colors:
            Crimson and Blue
Our Mascot:
             The Bulldog