The History of Garfield High School » From the Archives of the Catherine Jones Library

From the Archives of the Catherine Jones Library

The Archives
The Catherine Jones Library of Garfield High School contains a great collection of yearbooks, photos, artifacts and many other items, chronicling the history of this school.  It is an amazing array through which one is able to glimpse the past of the school and its many generations of students and faculty.
Garfield High School's culture and history is a living entity that has thrived through many generations of graduates.  The Catherine Jones Library is working to bring this past to light through the many items in our collection by way of this website.  It is a daunting task, but well worth the effort of the students who have contributed long hours to assemble this record, a task that is still in progress.
Parts of the various collections are available in pdf format, as this allows you to download the material and use the zoom mechanism to better view all items.  Please be patient as some of the collections are rather large and will take extra time to download.  We hope you enjoy the walk through the past.