The History of Garfield High School » The First Bulldog: The Story of Pepper Eichler

The First Bulldog: The Story of Pepper Eichler

The following is a letter written by Dorothy Haywood, art teacher at Garfield High in 1925.  The letter comes to us courtesy of Dorothy and Idris Lloyd (Garfield alumni).

           "Once upon a time, long ago- in 1925 it was - that notable character Rosco C. Ingalls, first principal of Garfield High School, in East Los Angeles, then mostly vacant lots, - called the art teacher into his office after hours on a Friday afternoon.  He had something to be done "over the weekend" (almost as usual I might add).  He believed in hard work for every one and we did too for that was before the days of teacher's strikes, shorter hours and more pay.  We all wanted to work and competed for the opportunity.  The students joined in this spirit too.  The Honor System of Hall Passes was one of their contributions - an innovation at that time in the L.A. City Schools, I believe.
          On this particular day he wanted a drawing of a bull dog to be used as a mascot for the school.  Fortunately I knew a bull terrior who lived at 644 Woods St. less than a block away.
And so it was that portrait of Garfield's Mascot:  Pepper Eichler found its way to the Print shop to be used forever after and become part of the history of Garfield High School.
          This is the original hasty drawing."

                                                                                 Dorothy Haywood. "D.H."
                                                                                 July 7, 1975"