The Garfield Log (School Newspaper)

The Log
Where did the name of the school newspaper come from?  There were a couple of reasons for naming it such.  Of course there is a log which is the record of a ship's progress, with its speed, its travels and how far it has gone.  Added to this from the past, our namesake James A. Garfield was a student in Williams College, and stated of its president, Mark Hopkins, "A log with a student at one end and Mark Hopkins at the other is my ideal college." Thus it was decided in 1925 that the school newspaper would be called "The Log," a record of our progress and the emblem of our aim, "an ideal school."
The school newspaper, the "Log" has been a monumental source of information surrounding so many aspects of Garfield High School life and history. Written by students, the school newspaper is a primary source, a mirror of the school, of the times, of the people.  It developed students' writing skills and helped them learn more about journalism.  Working on stories, they met new people, enhancing their speaking skills, and increased their confidence and responsibility.  It also became an asset appearing on their job and college resumes.  Unfortunately today, the school no longer publishes a school newspaper.