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  1. Comply with the dress code.
  2. Remove Garfield High caps upon entering a classroom
  3. Be seated before the ringing of the tardy bell.
  4. Remain properly seated in assigned seats the entire period.
  5. Bring books, pens, paper and materials to class. Cover your textbooks.
  6. Refrain from personal grooming in the classroom.
  7. Show respect to your teacher, all authorized personnel, and other students.
  8. Respond promptly to your teacher’s instructions.
  9. Respond positively to you teacher’s efforts to correct misconduct.
  10. Never leave class without an official hall pass.
  11. Leave class immediately without disruption if given a referral or told to report to your counselor or dean.
  12. Behave properly when a substitute is in charge of the class.
Students will not:
  1. Bring into classroom playing cards, cellular phones, headsets, tape players, radios, pagers, electronic games, or any equipment that could be a distraction. These items are banned from campus and may be confiscated whether in use or not.
  2. Bring candy, drinks or other food into a classroom.
  3. Use profanity or vulgarity at any time to anyone.
  4. Behave disruptively or willfully deny or disrespect the authority of a teacher.
You may be suspended and/or have a parent conference if:
  1. You disrespect or are defiant towards a teacher.
  2. You continue to show willful disrespect, disobedience or defiance.
  3. You use profanity or vulgarity.
  4. You have excess absences or tardies.
  5. You are involved in sexual harassment, motivated hate crimes or bias motivated incidents.
You cannot wear or have:
  1. Caps or beanies (unless they have a Garfield High logo), or party crew tags on lanyards
  2. Extremely baggy pants or overalls
  3. Extreme hairdos, halter or tube tops, or revealing or low cut blouses
  4. Short skirts or shorts – must be arm’s length
  5. Slip-on shoes or sandals without a back strap
  6. Initial belt buckles or spiked belts

Any unauthorized items will be confiscated. Your parent may be notified and you may be sent home or your parent will be asked to bring a change of clothes. Further violations will result in a parent conference, suspension and/or possible opportunity transfer

Added January 15, 2021
Advisory Presentation regarding LAUSD Bulletins and Policies (in both media and PDF format)