Garfield Junior High School Comes to a Close

Garfield Was a Six Year School

Garfield High School opened its doors in 1925, carrying classes from the 7th grade through the 12th.   As a six-year school, you could earn two diplomas, one from Garfield Junior High School and one from Garfield Senior High School. However, by the late 1930s, Garfield was increasing in student population and becoming crowded. A new Junior High School, grades 7 through 9, was built within just a half mile away. This would be Kern Avenue Junior High School located on Fourth Street and Kern Avenue, now called Griffith Middle School.


Last of the 7th Graders

Beginning in February of 1939 the last 7th graders entered Garfield High School and by September,1941, Garfield Junior High was no more.  It had been phased out over a three year period, leaving Garfield High School as a three year school, 10th grade through the 12th.   All 7th through 9th grade classes were now at Kern Avenue Junior High.


A Junior High School No More

As World War II began, Garfield High School found itself a true solitary three year high school for the first time.  The graduating class of Winter, 1944 was the last class to have actually started at Garfield as 7th graders.