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The Reiterman House

The Reiterman House
In June of 1943, Miss Alice Reiterman decided to leave Garfield High School after 18 years of service as Girl’s Vice Principal. To honor her, the Social Arts Bungalow was dedicated and named in her honor. For over 75 years we’ve known this structure as the Reiterman House. 
One of a Kind
The Reiterman House is and was one of kind, a location not found on every campus. It was originally erected for social purposes and proved its worth. The construction began in 1942 when Mr. Herbert Wood was Principal, was completed the next year under Mr. Whedon, and dedicated the next year with Mr. Adamson as Principal. It had a large, furnished living room, lavatories (and what some referred to as a powder room), storage room for tables, dining room with suitable furniture, and kitchen well equipped with stove, refrigerator, cooking utensils and cutlery. The pantry was well stocked with dishes and silverware. The outside had a nice grassy area with a rose garden.
Always in Use
It currently serves as the home to the Parent Center, but originally existed as a place where any school organization, that wasn't too large, may have parties, luncheons, teas or dinners. Faculty teas were held here and what was called "At Home" for the alumni on Homecoming Day given by the faculty. It was also used for classroom purposes by the home economics department. The House was always in use. It even was a place for a wedding reception, when one of our former teachers, Mr. Donald Hastings and his wife held theirs here.