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The Fallen: Garfield Students That Did Not Return

Lives Remembered Are Never Lost

          Serving in all branches of the military, Garfield students gave their lives so that future generations would remain free. These Garfieldians fought and died in such places as Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, France, the Mediterranean, Suez Canal, Belgium, Germany, Alaska, China, and the skies over Europe and Pacific. Furthermore, with the training being so hard and real, there were those who died here in the United States. They served aboard such ships as the USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS Indianapolis, USS Pensacola, USS Astoria, USS Hull and USS Johnston. They were a part of such battles as Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Guam, Battle of the Bulge, Operation Market Garden, D-Day and so many others. For some of these Garfield students, their bodies were never recovered – never returned.

Mourn the men who died, but we must also 
thank God such men lived.
          Hopefully, as the research is finished we will have listed here the stories of the Garfield students who fell serving their country.  Please be patient, it is about five years of research coming together, being edited and formatted for the website.  There are 114 names of which we have 111 stories to be told.  Stories behind three of the individuals still remain without enough information.  Keep checking back.
USN: United States Navy
USCGR: United States Coast Guard
USA: United States Army
USAAF: United States Army Air Force
USMC: United States Marine Corps
PFC: Private First Class
PVT: Private
World War II Memorial
The Memorial to the Garfield students killed in WWII (above).  It originally in the old main building at the entrance.  Prior to the building being demolished, it was removed and stored.  The Garfield High School Vietnam Veterans had the plaque refurbished and it will eventually be located near the Garfield Vietnam Veterans Memorial.