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District Policy/References

If you would like a copy (PDF download) of any of these bulletins, please go to the News section of our website or at the following webite:
  • Antibullying Policy (In Schools, at School-Related Events and Traveling to and from School), Bulletin No. BUL-1038.1
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Requirements, Bulletin No. BUL-1347
  • Code of Conduct with Students Distribution and Dissemination, Memorandum No. MEM-4400.0
  • Nondiscrimination Required Notices - Memorandum issued annually by the Office of the General Counsel. (Reminder to schools and offices to publish and disseminate required nondiscrimination notices.)
  • Ordering & Distribution of Student Brochures – “Title IX and Nondiscrimination” - “Section 504-Students with Disabilities”, Memorandum No. MEM-3671.0
  • Parent Student Handbook Distribution
  • Responding to and Reporting Hate-Motivated Incidents and Crimes, Bulletin No. BUL-2047.0
  • Safe School Plans Volume 1 – (Prevention Programs) and Volume 2 - (Emergency Procedures) - Update
  • Section 504 and Students with Disabilities, Bulletin No. BUL-4045.0
  • Sexual Harassment Policy (Student-to-Student, Adult-to-Student, and Student-to-Adult), Bulletin No. BUL-3349.0
  • Sexual Harassment Policy – Employees, Bulletin No. BUL-1893.1,
  • Student and Employee Security, Bulletin No. BUL-2368.1
  • Title IX Policy/Complaint Procedures, Bulletin No. BUL-2521.1
  • Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) - Memorandum issued annually by the Office of the General Counsel.