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Terry L. Buckhannon (Biography) 9/1/2020

I am Terry Buckhannon, a retired U.S. Army Veteran credited with 20 years of service to the people of the free world. I am originally from Tuskegee, Alabama--a city near the historical monument called Moton Field. Anyone familiar with the history may recall this being one of the locations where the infamous Tuskegee Airmen were said to have started their flying journey. Fast forwarding through those twenty years and reflecting back on the life and times of travel, training, and terrific people. I consider myself to be very fortunate. I was able to take this experience and transfer it to a second career—Army JROTC since January of 2005. I currently have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from National University.

I currently work at James A. Garfield High School in Los Angeles working with young students in the areas of leadership, government, health and fitness, service learning, and community service. The U.S. Army and the overall experience with young adults and students have provided a great segway in my pursuit of a physical education credential, and ultimately aspire to earn a Master’s Degree in Education. I enjoy working with students on a day to day basis. In my spare time I love being out on the golf course, riding my motorcycle, bicycling, skiing, and following ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE FOOTBALL--ROLL TIDE!!

The Jung’s education personality survey revealed that I am somewhat of a traditionalist, moderately imaginative, open-minded, and experimental in nature. I think that my personality reflects my choice of content (JROTC & Physical Education) based on my open-mindedness and experimental approach to nature translates well in terms of my strong work ethics.

I have opined that my personality affects my students in a positive light in terms of strong work ethics and a willingness to experiment with ways to engage students in life and fitness. The carry over to my students lends itself to holding them accountable to a high; but realistic standard of performance.

I think that my teaching and learning philosophy (style) translates well in terms of helping my students become more successful. My willingness and desire to be more collaborative along with strong work ethics, balanced dependence, and empathy aspire to inspire; and more importantly--motivate my students to be better citizens.



Parent Conference:2/17/2022 5pm to 7pm Advanced P.E. & JROTC Zoom Links

1st Period:
Buckhannon, Terry is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Advanced P.E./JROTC (Special Virtual)
Time: Feb 17, 2022 5 pm until 5:15 pm Pacific Time (US and Canada)
  +1 213 338 8477 US (Los Angeles)
Meeting ID: 842 3513 2740
Passcode: 985480
2nd Period Zoom:

Buckhannon, Terry is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Advanced P.E./JROTC Bravo/Foxtrot *Special Virtual Sessions*
Time: Feb 17, 2022 at
       Join Zoom Meeting

        +1 213 338 8477 US (Los Angeles)
Meeting ID: 820 9919 1388
Passcode: 651345



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Nutrition Power Point: Spring Open House 03/24/21

The aforementioned power point is a highlight of the ongoing learning activities that the JROTC & P.E. classes are actively pursuing.
  • What you eat today not only affects how you look and feel right now, but also can affect your health in the long term.
  • The diet we eat during teen age years can affect the risk of developing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer when we are in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s,
  • These diseases which are common causes of death in the United States are all interconnected with diet.
  • Remember my secret ratio to life: 70% Diet-30% Exercise
  • You are what you eat is a literal statement!