Garfield Senior High School

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University Preparatory Program » Introduction


The University Preparatory Program (UPP) came to Garfield in 1996 as a university-high school partnership linking CSULA faculty from several science departments with Garfield High School. UPP is based upon the premise that the targeted students have the potential to earn baccalaureate degrees but must first overcome a number of impediments and negative environmental influences such as peers involved in gangs and drugs, low societal expectations for their cultural group, poverty and economic insecurity often elevate concern for immediate issues of survival and security above seemingly distant long-range considerations of educational or career goals.
  • Administrator: ..........................Ms. Balarie
  • English (5)
J. Magallanes, M. Martinez, A. Soto
  • Math (5)
L. Dodd, B. Laureano, F. Mendoza
  • Physical Ed. (1)
L. Hernandez
  • Science (2)
Y. Andre
  • Social Studies (2)
 S. McIntire, M. Shettleroe
  • Special Ed. (3)
 A. Perez, F. Torres, JJ. Wicks
  • World Language (1)
Mr. Olague
  • Elective(1)
C. George
• Engineering                                     • Tutoring
• Medicine                                         • Community Service Projects
• Physics                                          • Awards & Recognition