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Classroom Environment Guide

A Guide for Classroom Environment
There is evidence of thorough lesson preparation.
A plan is available that shows the current week's objectives and lessons.
There is a posted daily agenda.
The learning objective is clear and known to students.
The California State Standard for the lesson is posted.
The teacher is monitoring student work.
There is ongoing checking for understanding, timely evaluation of student work and of student progress.
There are interactions between student and teacher and student to student.
The students know the purpose of the activity, expectations for quality work, and how the work will be evaluated.
The room environment exhibits the following:
The room is clean and organized.
The classroom is print rich (word walls, artifacts, student writing with rubrics)
The environment is appropriate to the grade level/subject matter and conducive to student learning.
Current student work is displayed and reflects grade level state standards.
There is a high degree of student engagement in the learning.
There is evidence of a variety of instructional strategies that meets the needs of all learners.
Questioning strategies employ the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.