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The Margaret Lillian Griffith Collection

Margaret Griffith (Walter) was a member of the graduating class of Summer, 1930.  While attending Garfield High School, she kept very detailed memory books, including one covering her senior year.  Filled with mementos, photographs, greetings and goodbyes, the Garfield High School archives have been truly enriched by the picture it creates of our past.  These items have left a truly amazing window into student life in days gone by. 


 Margaret Griffith was the editor-in-chief of the 1930 Crimson and Blue (Yearbook), editor of the Winter 1928 Log (Newspaper), Author and director of the Girls’ League Installation Ceremony, cast member of the Senior play, and a member of the Clavis Club.  She would later marry a fellow member of the class of 1930,  James Walter, a marriage that would last 53 years.


Garfield High School would like to thank Terry Folsom (daughter of Margaret Griffith Walter and James Walter) for taking the time to find us and deliver to us this sacred and wonderful history.


Senior Year Scrapbook (1930) Part 1

This is Margaret Griffith's memory book from her senior year.   It is in two parts to better enable quick downloads.


Senior Year Scrapbook (1930) Part 2


High School Scrapbook

Margaret Griffith's memory book from the rest of her high school years.  This is a superb look into the past at Garfield High School.


It's a Long Way from Anaheim to Alaska

An excerpt from the book by Margaret Griffith Walter.  This excerpt relates some great stories about her time at Garfield High School.


Little Blue Songs

by Margaret Griffith, this book is a collection of her poems published during her senior year.  Listed in the Library of Congress, we are fortunate to have an autographed copy.  Margaret Walter continued to write throughout her life, for newspaper columns and magazines.


Summer 1930 Class Ring  This is the class ring belonging to Margaret Griffith.


Class Pins

Here are some prime examples of service pins.  These were earned and awarded to Margaret Griffith.


Pages from the James H. Walter 1926 Yearbook

A treasure trove of autographs.  It appears as though James Walter got around a lot and was quite popular.  These are pages from his 1926 yearbook (yes we have the whole yearbook intact) and show autographs from so many people we've never seen before -- or will.  This is quite a feat considering it's his ninth grade year.


** For Mr. Walter's yearbook, we have  tried to keep the images in their truest form and as such carry a lot of megabytes.  It may take 30 to 60 seconds to download.  Please be patient.



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