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My name is Mr. Sosa.  I am excited to teach at my alma mater. 
I am currently teaching Precalculus, Algebra 2 and Statistics. The experience of Math should be fun and exciting.  There is a beauty in mathematics that I would like all my students to experience. 

2020 AMS Math Poetry Contest


The slick pen glides across paper precisely scraping the ruler’s edge marking a line beside many lonesome dots a line of best fit as snug as a sweater. The slope is a mere fraction, but the line it fabricated would stretch on, encompassing an infinite amount of graph paper. As the line traveled, it would pass by many data points and the wispy voices of the outliers would be heard on the wind calling to the line from worlds away, asking it to contort to come and gather the lonely dots, and hold them shaking in its tepid arms but the line never does. Instead, it continues on without a sideways glance forever the same slope forever the same straight line.

--- Sabrina Little, Mackintosh Academy, Boulder



Pablo Neruda

Oda a los números (Pablo Neruda, en Odas elementales, 1954)

¡Qué sed
de saber cuánto!
¡Qué hambre
de saber
estrellas tiene el cielo!

Nos pasamos
la infancia
contando piedras, plantas,
dedos, arenas, dientes,
la juventud contando
pétalos, cabelleras.
los colores, los años,
las vidas y los besos,
en el campo
los bueyes, en el mar
las olas. Los navíos
se hicieron cifras que se fecundaban.
Los números parían.
Las ciudades
eran miles, millones,
el trigo centenares
de unidades que adentro
tenían otros números pequeños,
más pequeños que un grano.
El tiempo se hizo número.