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Today, it is an honor to present myself.  My name is Andrew R. Perez.  Currently, I am a Resource Specialist at James Garfield Senior HS.  Thanks to the support of a caring family, supportive community and the guidance of generations of heroic teachers, 30+ years has passed since I first entered a classroom. Today, as it was in the past, my creed remains the same, "do all that can done to enable the students today to be as independent as they possibly can be". This creed has not always been without its challenges, but, if asked if I would ever change the creed? My answer would most definitely be, "Not a chance!"...  

Academic Support 


Topic: Office Hours / Distant Support
Time: 7:50am - 08:20am ( Mon- Fri) 
Call or text 323-364-3057 to set appointments.  

Academic Support

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Mr. Andrew R. Perez
Resource Specialist
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