Ms. Fariba Kakroudi » Welcome ALL! A Few References

Welcome ALL! A Few References

From: Ms. Kakroudi
To: Science Students, Parents and GHS Community
I welcome back EVERYONE--especially ALL students and parents-- to our Garfield High School (GHS) family for the Open House of the F 2022-23 (Sem.2) on Wed 08-31-2022 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (in class).  I hope everybody will continue remaining safe, productive, and progressive--Bulldogs! For Updates on masking, testing, and vaccinating, please refer to both LAUSD and GHS Main websites periodically. GO BULLDOGS! 
This year, I have the privilege of learning from and teaching our 10th and 12th grade students in chemistry and physiology classes, along w/ our Global Academy 10th grade advisory students, respectively.  Science classes will pave the way for successful higher-ed and/or post-secondary studies and professions in the future.  This is in addition to their contributions to high school  (Column-D) graduation requirements.  For our in-person Open House, grades (available as posted via Schoology and MiSiS for your reference) will not be discussed.  Instead, 10-min. in-class visit intervals are welcomed for students and parents to become familiar with the course offerings, & details.  I welcome our students and parents--once again--and look forward to our Open House session. GO BULLDOGS! 
Post-Secondary GOALS
The ultimate goal is to see ALL of our GHS students complete their higher education degrees at a university of their choice and w/ high honors!   The higher education will lead to essential professions that will give back to the communities in need of those fields of expertise. The students' strong foundation in sciences does secure highly needed scientific skills and critical thinking that can contribute to their future studies at university and their professional advancement.  This accomplishment leads to a fulfilling personal, intellectual, and financial stability. These skills and the knowledge are vital especially during and post-covid-19 recovery! GO UNIVERSITY-BOUND (graduating) BULLDOGS!!!
On-Line Education
In-person instructions continue under the LAUSD and GHS leadership, following the District's Covid-19 safety protocols.  Under the GHS Science Department leadership, the science instruction, pedagogy, and investigations (labs) in chemistry and physiology classes remain adaptable to virtual mode of teaching and learning via Zoom as needed--for those w/ emergencies.  All references, instructional materials, and assessments are available via Schoology to ALL students to secure equity and access for ALL.  The GHS campus community--especially students--have been adapting to academic life, meeting their objectives one by one toward completing the semester 2 requirements.  GO BULLDOGS!
The textbooks are available to all science students to fulfill LACOE William's Textbook Compliance and provide science students in these classes with scientific, up-to-date university-compatible references. 
STUDENTS: 1--Protect your chrome books and electronic devices for in-class use.  2--Charge your devices the night before so that your device is of use to you for your first period classes.  3--Bring your chargers (adapters) w/ you to school so that you can continue charging your devices for daily uses in classes. 
We continue owing a GREAT deal of gratitude to LAUSD-ITD and GHS Information Technology (IT) specialists, together w/ IT staff, for technology support, updates, and cyber security vital for various in-class & on-line use and navigation daily by LAUSD-GHS community.
Schoology/E-mail messaging during my conference periods (see syllabi) will remain the most effective method of communication among our teams of students, parents, teachers and GHS Admin-Staff family. 
Welcome ALL AGAIN,  and I wish the BEST of SUCCESS and HEALTH for ALL during the remaining of F 2022-23.  GO COLLEGE-BOUND BULLDOGS!!! 
Office Hours:
T & Th--Per 2; W & F--Per 5
 Via Schoology/Email Messaging
Aug. 31, 2022 Open House is held from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM via 10-min. in-class ntervals sessions
Thanks very much and see you then--Bulldogs!!
Ms. Fariba Kakroudi
Please contact via Schoology/Email Msg. Platform
Welcome & Introductions for F 2022-23
--Courses Syllabi
Aug. 31, 2022-23 Open House, 5-7 PM in person.   THANKS very much and see you then in class!