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Student of the Week

Garfield Computer Science Magnet's program of study is designed to help our students become independent self-sufficient learners in a digital world.  Our rigorous instruction engages students in problem-solving, collaboration, and analytical skills that will prepare students for college, career, and beyond.  Along with other components of our program, students are given the opportunity to develop a positive identity, a sense of community, and an awareness of responsibility in order to function as a contributing member of our society.  A student of the week exemplifies what it means to be a Garfield Computer Science Magnet student.
Nominating Teacher Student Name Grade
Ms. Perez David Huerta 10
Ms. Huerta Berenice Ultreras Menchaca 12
Mr. Becerra Matthew Guzman 11
Mrs. Thang Suzette Rocha 10
Ms. Ly Anahi Lopez 9
Ms. Tan Deysi Marcos Madrid 11
Mr. Bustamante Andrea Navarro-Rodriguez 9
Ms. Marcum Cristopher Navarro 10
Ms. Macias Mario Jr. Lopez 9
Ms. Granados Jessica Varela 9
Mr. Wood Nelly Flores 12
Ms. Perez Matthew Cortez 10
Ms. Huerta Lily Villasenor 10
Mr. Becerra Dominique Gonzalez 12