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THIS IS MY SCHEDULE:               
PER 11     GEOMETRY          ROOM 423
PER 12     CONFERENCE     ROOM 423
PER 13     ALGEBRA 1          ROOM 423
PER 14     ALGEBRA 1          ROOM 423
My name is Mr. Cesar Garcia. I was born in Los Angeles on February 5, 1977. I moved to Mexico when I was 5 yrs old and lived in Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico until I was 15 yrs old. I came back to the US, attended Bell High School in the city of Bell, CA., and received a bachelors in Computer Information Systems from California State University, Los Angeles. While in college, I worked as a Math tutor at Griffith Middle School for about 3 yrs. for a program named PAD. After I graduated from college, I worked at LeConte Middle School in Hollywood for an after-school program, where I was involved in different activities such as:  homework tutoring, a math program, chess club, swimming, basketball, soccer, arts, etc. During the same period, I also worked for the GEAR up program for 2-3 yrs. at Griffith Middle School and Garfield High School doing math tutoring, summer programs, college workshops, field trips, etc. Working as a tutor and a mentor at different schools was always a very satisfying and enjoyable experience; as a result, I became really interested in teaching as a career. I worked hard to earn a Single Subject Credential in Mathematics, and here I am; I have been working as a Math Teacher at Garfield High since 2006.
So many of my most memorable experiences have been here at Garfield with students and colleagues. I always look forward to meet new students and share with them the universal language:  the language of mathematics, "The Discipline of Mathematics".