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About Me, Ms. Soto,
As a former Garfield student, I am committed to helping current Garfield students succeed in high school and beyond. I have strong ties to the East Los Angeles community and the students it serves. I attended Humphreys Elementary, Griffith Middle School, and Garfield High School in East Los Angeles. After attending Garfield, I attended CSULA and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Single Subject Teaching Focused English Degree. I completed my teaching credential at the same institution. In the past, I have worked for the Upward Bound program which seeks to help low income first generation students have every opportunity to attend and succeed in university. With Upward Bound, I first collaborated with test-prep experts and then ultimately taught an SAT/ACT prep class myself. It is one of my major life goals to help students gain access to higher learning through hard work, motivation, and information. If you ever have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to reach me via my LAUSD email or Schoology.
Acerca de mi, la maestra Soto:
Como graduada de la preparatoria Garfield, estoy comprometida a ayudar a los estudiantes de Garfield de hoy obtener el éxito en la prepa y más allá. Yo asistí a las escuelas locales incluyendo Humphreys Elementary, Griffith Middle School, y Garfield High School. Después de asistir a Garfield, asistí a CSULA y me gradué Magna Cum Laude(con honores) con un título de inglés con enfoque en ser maestra. Completé mi credencial docente en la misma institución. En el pasado, he trabajado para el programa Upward Bound, el cual busca ayudar a los estudiantes de primera generación de bajos ingresos a tener todas las oportunidades para asistir y tener éxito en la universidad. Con Upward Bound, primero colaboré con expertos en preparación para exámenes y finalmente enseñé una clase de preparación para SAT / ACT yo misma. Uno de mis principales objetivos en la vida es ayudar a los estudiantes a acceder a un aprendizaje superior a través del trabajo duro, la motivación, y la información. Si alguna vez tiene alguna pregunta para mí, no dude en comunicarse conmigo a través de mi correo electrónico de LAUSD o Schoology.
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Ms. Adriana Soto
My office hours take place during my conference period which is Block A (Period 11, or 1 or 5). During this time, I would most likely be able to reply quickly since unless I am in a meeting, I would be at my desk working. The best ways to reach me are via email (the button to do that is above) or by writing me a  Schoology message. 

Zoom Link for Open House on Thursday, March 24th 5-7 pm:

Meeting ID: 861 4521 0708
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