University Preparatory Program » Welcome to the University Preparatory Program!

Welcome to the University Preparatory Program!

The University Preparatory Program
at Garfield High School
The University Preparatory Program (UPP) was established in 1996 as a partnership between CSULA science department faculty and the staff of Garfield High School, and is based on the premise that students facing urban challenges have the potential to earn baccalaureate degrees if given the supports and opportunities needed to overcome these challenges. To that end, UPP places an emphasis on college readiness and community service, while supporting its students academically and social-emotionally. Students of UPP are mentored by their teachers throughout their four years at Garfield to prepare for college entrance and understand the positive impact of helping others.
Please meet the wonderful and caring staff of UPP!
  • Ms. Balarie
Academic Counselor:
  • Ms. Arias (servicing UPP students with last names A-L)
  • Ms. Huerta (servicing UPP students with last names M-Z)
Lead Teachers:
  • Mr. McIntire
  • Ms. A. Soto
  • Ms. Andre (Science Teacher)   
  • Mr. Bautista Flores (Sports Medicine Teacher)
  • Mr. Brenneman (English Language Arts Teacher)
  • Ms. Coleman (English Language Arts Teacher)
  • Mr. Cristales (Climate Advocate)
  • Mr. George (Video Production Teacher)
  • Ms. T. Gomez (English Language Coordinator)
  • Mr. Hernandez (Athletic Director)
  • Ms. Laureano (Special Day Class Teacher)
  • Mr. Leon (Mathematics Teacher)
  • Mr. E. Lopez (Special Day Class Teacher)
  • Ms. Magallanes (English Language Arts Teacher)
  • Ms. M. Martinez (English Language Arts Teacher)
  • Mr. McIntire (Social Studies Teacher)
  • Ms. Melendez (English Language Arts Teacher)
  • Mr. Mendoza (Mathematics Teacher)
  • Mr. Olague (Spanish Teacher)
  • Mr. A. Perez (Resource Specialist Program Teacher)
  • Ms. Portillo (Psychiatric Social Worker)
  • Ms. Rivera (Librarian)
  • Mr. F. Robles (Physical Education Teacher) 
  • Ms. Rubalcava (Diploma Counselor)
  • Mr. Shettleroe (Social Studies Teacher)
  • Mr. Sosa (Mathematics Teacher)
  • Ms. A. Soto (English Language Arts Teacher)
  • Mr. Villa (Science Teacher)
  • Mr. Wicks (Special Day Class Teacher)
  • Ms. Yang (Mathematics Teacher)