Ms. Marcela Sandoval » Garfield High School

Garfield High School
Students will use the Readtheory website and program to continue developing their reading and comprehension skills while at home--during online learning.  I will assign a few quizzes a week for students to work on independently.  Students will get credit for their work completed on the site.
LMS is where students need to go in order to access schoology, no application is necessary.
Methods of communication for students:
-I provide updates when necessary through Schoology to all my classes.
-All assignments are posted on Schoology (LMS) under the Materials tab.
-Whenever necessary I will message my students through the Remind app.
-Assignments are reviewed daily in class.
Methods of communication for parents:
-For parents, I will send messages through automated LAUSD phone messages.
-Parents may email me: [email protected]