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We are committed to creating a community in which our students, families, and staff work towards common goals. Our vision is to provide students with a premier education where we provide them with adequate tools to prepare them for a technologically advanced society. In addition, our students and families participate in a variety of social activities and academic activities that involve families
Our scholastic program is rigorous and college preparatory, where students take all A-G requirements in addition to Computer Science electives. The program is designed to enable our students to achieve success at the senior-high-school level, and to gain access to post-secondary education at the university or community college level, to a technical institution or to enter a technology-oriented workplace. Through the cooperative efforts of our families and staff, our students share their common and diverse experiences in learning situations; utilize their abilities in group situations, and, on an individual basis, to develop new ideas about a variety of subjects and about themselves.
Garfield Computer Science Magnet High School is a school within a school, having its educational emphasis on computers. Consequently, our students must take a Computer Science course each year as one of their electives. The students who choose to enroll in the Garfield Computer Science Magnet High School reside either in the immediate community or in other LAUSD communities. The latter group of students travels to and from school by bus; the District’s Office of Integration offers this transportation.
The Computer Science Magnet Program, which began in September 1982, has provided a top-notch curriculum for students interested in computers and in developing problem-solving skills as tools for everyday life. Our program provides instruction in Java, word processing, spreadsheets, Internet for research and communication, presentation software, web page design, keyboarding skills, graphics, multi-media authoring and various enrichment subjects as the need and curriculum evolves.
The primary educational objective of the Garfield High School Computer Science Magnet is to help our students attain a high degree of computer literacy as a problem-solving tool for every day life.
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