Studies reveal that student engagement hits its lowest point in high school, jeopardizing students’ long-term success. Districts and schools need concrete strategies to keep high schoolers involved in their own education.  

Naviance improves student outcomes by helping students connect their strengths and interests to long-term goals today.  


Self-discovery helps students develop confidence and lays the foundation for their life today, and their future. By uncovering strengths and unique skills, students will see their own potential.

Naviance helps high school students:

  • Understand their unique strengths
  • Connect their interests to careers
  • Set goals
  • Develop self-knowledge and personal motivation

College Preparation

By matching students to colleges based on students’ interests and goals, and comparing admissions rates at students’ top college choices, the Naviance college planning tools allow students and families to make informed decisions. Naviance helps students find their best-fit higher education institution.

Naviance helps high school students:

  • Understand college possibilities
  • Explore high school specific college admissions stats
  • Match to best-fit colleges
  • Identify ideal college majors

In order to login to Naviance, please follow these steps:

How Students Login to Naviance

Step 1:       Go to the LAUSD home page at

Step 2:       Click on the green Student box

Step 3:       Select - Student Tools & Resources (on the right)

Step 4:       Enter your LAUSD email address and password to login

Step 5:       Click on the Naviance icon  (You will be automatically logged into your account)

The attached file contains complete instructions

Attached Files Source: Naviance for High Schools