Vietnam Memorial Unveiled

A committee of Veterans who attended Garfield High School along with other individuals who longed for tribute to honor Students and Alumni who served during the Vietnam War Era, especially those who lost their lives, has seen their hard work and dedication come to fruition.
They worked to raise funds so that a granite Memorial would be displayed on the grounds of James A. Garfield High School.  The names of individuals are inscribed on the granite Monument to honor their sacrifice and service to our country during the Vietnam War.
“The reason I founded this Committee, and the Mission of the Committee is to make sure all Garfield High School students who contributed to the Vietnam War Era are honored and remembered - no matter the branch of service or the location of service.  See the “About Apply Now” page for the qualifying criteria.  Your time has come to be honored and this monument is dedicated to all Veterans of the Vietnam War Era who fall within the qualifying criteria.”  
- Ruben Garcia ‘71, Founder
The installation ceremony took place on Saturday, May 21.  The large crowd heard from committee members and dignitaries alike.  The story of this event can be read, in detail, at the following link:
For more photos of the installation ceremony please click here to go to our Photo Album.
Photos courtesy of 1SG Raymond Eason