Are you ready??

Recently there have been several sizeable earthquakes in different parts of the world that caused damages, injuries, and deaths. Below, you will find tips and resources to help you and your family get ready for the next earthquake in Los Angeles, which could be anytime and anywhere.
  • Make a family disaster plan; FEMA offers a comprehensive earthquake safety checklist.
  • Update contact numbers and medical information regularly for your family and yourself.
  • Create an emergency supply kit – Keep supplies at home, work, and in your car. Remember, You’re On Your Own for 7 Days so be prepared with a week’s worth of essentials.
  • Secure heavy objects with bolts and straps and take other measures to keep your belongings in place during an earthquake. This will reduce damages and injuries.
  • Drop cover and hold on - Objects may fall in and around buildings so protect yourself from injury. Evacuate if necessary afterwards and stay alert for aftershocks.
  • Help out and reach out – First responders may be delayed. Check on your neighbors, put your skills to use, and connect with loved ones. All LAUSD employees are Disaster Service Workers by California law so be prepared to stay at work or respond to work following an earthquake.
LAUSD Disaster Readiness Resources
  •  Office of Emergency Services-School Operations
  •  Emergency response training programs for employees
  •  You’re On Your Own for 7 Days preparedness campaign
  •  How LAUSD schools prepare for emergencies
  •  Update employee contact information
Other Disaster Readiness Resources Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) American Red Cross Earthquake Country Alliance ShakeOut
A Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety flyer in English and Spanish is attached for you to share.