Door Decorating Contest

In an effort to improve college awareness and to create excitement around the October 14th PSAT Testing, our school conducted a contest for all classroom teachers. The contest challenged our staff to decorate their classroom doors with a creative College theme.
The contest ran from September 14th through Monday, October 12thDoors were judged on October 12th (after advisory) on the quality of information provided as well as on creativity.

The winning class received a DONUT PARTY on Monday, O
ctober 19th

Thank you to the following teachers for participating in this years college door decorating contest:

- Mr. Rivas

- Ms. Romero

- Ms. Laureano

- Ms. Predan

- Ms. Thang

- Ms. Nevarez

- Ms. Herrington

- Ms. Dunn

- Ms. Loeb

- Ms. Armas