Global Academy Rocks Pt. Fermin

The Office of Outdoor Education offers the Point Fermin Marine Science Center to LAUSD students, in their new year-round facilities. High above the Los Angeles Harbor, nestled in the history of Fort Mac Arthur and the beauty of native gardens, opportunity awaits. A rocky shoreline, marine rescue centers, and gardens with unobstructed views of Catalina Island become the classrooms. 

Students discover strength, independence and their place in the larger world, one that extends beyond the boundaries of school and neighborhood. Students develop a cooperative spirit, positive self-esteem, and a sense of common responsibility for the world’s environmental future.

A large contingent of Global Academy students and staff made their way to Pt. Fermin to learn and explore marine life.  This group was also given the opportunity to man and navigate sailboats through the ocean.  The appropriate protocol and terminology were part of the lessons learned aboard ship!  All in all the students and staff came back to East L.A. with a greater appreciation of the world we live in!!

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