“GO East LA”

(Article extracted from Cal State L.A. Office of Communications and Public Affairs)
Modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zones initiative, GO (Great Outcomes) East LA was developed by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board Member Mónica García, East Los Angeles College (ELAC) President Marvin Martinez, and California State University, Los Angeles President William A. Covino.  At the press conference, Garfield High School Principal Jose Huerta welcomed attendees after the school’s ROTC Color Guard presented colors. 
“Great Outcomes for East Los Angeles is an incredible opportunity for our students!” said García. “Our partnership with East Los Angeles Community College and Cal State L.A. will have a tremendous impact on our families and the greater Los Angeles region. In East Los Angeles we are ready to lead and achieve.”
GO East LA currently offers all Garfield and ELAC students who meet minimum requirements for enrollment and transfer guaranteed admittance at Cal State L.A. and ELAC. The program will later include Belvedere Middle School, Griffith Middle School, and Stevenson Middle School, which are all in East Los Angeles.
“The GO East LA Program creates the environment for developing a college-going culture; a culture where all students—starting in the first grade—will be on the path to college and to achieving success,” said Martinez. “At East Los Angeles College, this program has the potential to increase transfer and graduation rates by wide margins.”
The partnership is working with several local businesses and civic groups to expand Go East LA’s effectiveness. Grifols Worldwide, the global healthcare giant that is based adjacent to the Cal State L.A. campus, is the first business on-board and has already donated $50,000 toward scholarships for the program.
The GO East LA program serves students in a variety of ways, such as:
  • Providing guaranteed enrollment into Cal State L.A. and ELAC for freshman and ELAC transfer students who meet minimum requirements;
  • Developing advanced career opportunities through programs designed to help students earn a college degree or certificate in preparation for careers;
  • Working to ensure college completion through specialized programs;
  • Developing college preparation and high school partnerships utilizing college courses and programs to accelerate college readiness;
  • Building college awareness through outreach to middle schools, and through partnerships with community groups and parents to promote college attendance and college-ready skills; and
  • Promoting guaranteed college entry to middle and elementary school students.
Photos courtesy 1SG Raymond Eason