Teachers Celebrate Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the 28 teachers that attained Perfect Attendance for the 2012  Fall Semester.
As a result of their outstanding accomplishment, our Bulldog teachers received an invitation in their classrooms and were recognized in front of their students. Teachers also received a certificate and a breakfast on December 7, 2012 in the Main Office.  Please stop by the Main Office and check out your peers who have perfect attendance.
Marlene Correa, MSC-Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor
From the article "Determining the negative effect of teacher attendance on student achievement" by Robert C. Woods and Ray V. Montagno
"Basically teachers who are at school more regularly have students who do better on standardized testing than the students of teachers who are absent frequently. The full implications of this simple statement are not yet known. What it comes down to is that teacher absenteeism affects the entire school.
Everyone in the school environment is unsure of how the day will go. Substitute teachers may not be as capable or as qualified as regular classroom teachers, but even if they are, students rarely listen or pay attention to them as much as they would with their regular classroom teacher. Substitute teachers are often provided lesson plans of mere "busy work" so that less teaching tends to go on when the teacher is gone. Students tend to act out more for substitute teachers.
All in all, the learning that takes place in the classroom environment is negatively impacted by teacher absenteeism. What the studies cannot really tell the reader is just how much.
It cannot really be argued that teacher attendance reflects work ethic.
Unless there are extenuating circumstances for the teachers, they must understand that the very ethics they are trying to teach in their classrooms are called into question when they miss school all the time.
Students are expected to be at school and will get behind in their work if they aren't.
The same should be expected of teachers. If teachers are simply to be teaching the life skill of following through with one's obligations, then the teacher must live up to his/her obligations as well.
Teachers must model work ethic for their students. Many students spend far more time at school than at home, and teachers are their major role models.