SSC Information

This is a reminder of our upcoming SSC meeting scheduled for this Thursday, November 8, at 3:15 pm. I hope everyone can join us. However, prior to our Thursday meeting, a few working sessions will take place in order to expedite the development of our SSC by-laws, School Compact, Parent Involvement Policy, evaluation of our Single Plan, and development of this year's Single Plan.

Monday, 11/5 -
I will meet with the Leadership class to review the Student component of the School Compact.
I've also asked SSC Student members to meet with me immediately after school to update them of the recommendations made by the Leadership class.

Tuesday, 11/6 -
I will meet with our School Site Council Parents to review the Parent component of the School Compact and Parent Involvement Policy.

Wednesday 11/7 -
Subcommittee meeting open to ALL SSC members and Garfield stakeholders to continue working on the documents. The subcommittee meeting will be at 3pm in the Faculty Lounge.

For your information, according to the District's pacing plan for schools going though an audit this year, the Parent Involvement Policy and School Compact are due by mid-November. As you can see, the urgency level is HIGH.

Javier Gonzalez
Garfield High School