Red Ribbon Campaign

The activities and events planned for the week involved the promotion of "wellness" through the Red Ribbon Campaign and the upcoming Garfield Wellness Center opening.
"Red Ribbon" is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country and it normally takes place the last week of October. Red Ribbon week serves as a vehicle for communities and individuals to take a stand for the hopes and dreams of the children through a commitment to drug prevention, education, and personal commitment to live drug FREE lives.
Red Ribbon commemorates the sacrifice made by DEA Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, who died at the hands of drug traffickers in Mexico while fighting the battle against illegal drugs.
The East Los Angeles Prevention Project normally hosts Red Ribbon week at intermediate schools in Montebello/East LA, but this year we decided to bring the event to Garfield High School. the choice was made to expand to an older group of students with the intent of opening their minds and thoughts about their future and being drug FREE!  The East L.A. Prevention Project expressed it's gratitude to the Garfield community and considered it an honor to have hosted Red Ribbon activities at this wonderful school.
Awareness Day was an activity sponsored by ELA Prevention Project. Students were given pencils, pom poms, book markers, candy all with the slogan "THE BEST ME IS DRUG FREE" with the intentions of promoting a healthy drug free live. Also students were given information on inhalants, marijuana and underage drinking. With all 3 of these drugs being the most popular drugs amongst youth ages 12-17. The brochures are called Tip for Teens and inside it has information on the street names, effects on the brain how can you tell if a friend is using and consequences of using these drugs. Students were given info on a hotline if they need to talk to someone. The arc after school program sponsored a DJ for this day and assisted ELA Prevention Project on this event. Mr. Orellana, Garfield PSW collaborated in this event with set up and providing his support.
Pledge Day was also sponsored by ELA Prevention project. This activity consisted of students that promised themselves to stay DRUG FREE. Students, who had received a bracelet during Awareness Day, received a pair of sunglasses in exchange. These sunglasses had a message that said "A DRUG FREE ME = A BRIGHT FUTURE. Students signed a STOP sign pledge and pasted it on a giant banner. There were approximately 175 stop sign pledges signed by students. Students also received a bingo card from Ms. Correa, PSA counselor & Ms. Lopez Healthy Start Coordinator. Students visited various booths which included "Garfield Wellness Center, support services staff, counselors, LET's Club, arc After School Program and the CSF club. Once they returned the completed bingo card they received a healthy snack.
Garfield Wellness Center (GWC) There were three days of outreach for the grand opening and services that our GWC will have. Ms. Correa, Attendance counselor hosted a booth two days promoting GWC with a bingo card activity. Students walked around the various clubs, Rosie Marquez (parent center), and support services staff to learn more about the services they provide. The Bienvenidos Health Clinic and the Department Mental Health hosted a booth on two occasions providing students with giveaways as an incentive to listen to the type of services the GWC will offer to students and the community.
A special thank you goes out to our Plant Manager, Mr. Velez and his custodial staff for their hard work assisting with the set-up the entire week.
Needless to say that these types of events/activities require team work. WE certainly are a great team that works well together and effectively sent a message to our students on "wellness". I extend my gratitude to everyone involved and to the Administration Staff for supporting these types of awareness activities on our campus.