2012 - Academic Decathlon

In all, 566 students representing 65 high school teams from across the state competed in this year’s California Academic Decathlon. Teams are comprised of three Honor students (3.75 and above GPA), three Scholastic students (3.00‐3.74 GPA), and three Varsity students (2.99 GPA and below).
California has won the last nine national titles and has won fourteen national titles in the past 17 years of national competition. In 30 years of national competition, California has placed first or second every year but one.
The state competition is divided into three divisions based on their regional score:
  • Division I (top 20 highest scoring teams)
  • Division II (next top 20 highest scoring teams)
  • Division III (next top 25 highest scoring teams).
The format allows teams to compete with other teams of similar scores. Furthermore, it gives emerging counties the opportunity to experience a state championship and a chance for their decathletes to attain medals for their achievement at a level of competition that best fits their team’s ability.
The top three scoring Division II teams are:
  1. Burbank/Los Angeles (43,170.9)
  2. Garfield/LAUSD (41,707.3)
  3. Stockdale/Kern (41,461.6).
The entire Bulldog community is extremely proud of the Academic Decathlon Team's accomplishments, both in the City and State Competitions. We salute our students for their dedication and effort, as well as the contributions and countless hours of their coaches -- Mr. Murchie and Ms. Romero.
Please view the attachments for a detailed summary of their impressive statistics!
We are so very proud.