From the La Marr Family

Dear Bulldogs,
Please help me locate friends, staff, students, athletes of my dad, Doctor Daymond Holt La Marr, better known as "Doc". He loved Garfield and loved helping the athletes on and off the field. Garfield was his second family and the boys were like his sons.
He devoted his life to volunteering whatever friendship, humor and sports medicine he could. Sitting on the field with the coaches and athletes was his love. He passed away in 1995, leaving a big hole in our world. He asked that my husband, Andy La Rocco and I take care of mom, Agnes La Marr, and my disabled brother, Michael La Marr. We have kept our word. Doc La Marr was the best human I have ever known with a heart larger than life itself.
I would like to help ressurect the sign made in honor of him over the football field at Garfield High. If anyone can help me or tell me your stories about my dad, I would love to hear them. Mom is not doing well and is 97 years old. She is suffering and won't be with me long.Please help me with your memories of "Doc" or Agnes. Please stay in touch. If you knew "Doc", or his wife,I know you loved them too.
Thank you so much for any correspondance.
Love, Lynda La Marr-La Rocco