911 OBSERVANCE – "Let Us Never Forget"

Each year the program goes to great lengths to extend the awareness throughout the school and local community of that most tragic day where many people lost their lives, leaving a life-long scar on our country.
The following participated in this event:
L.A. County Sheriffs Department
CPT Romero
California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit
L.A. County Fire Department
CPT Robinson & CPT Leon (2 fire engines)
L.A. County Supervisor's Office
David Vela
Area Community Coordinator
LT. Rodriguez
Garfield HS Alumni Association
Garfield High School
  • Bulldog Marching Band
  • Explorers
  • Leadership
  • Student Body
  • Staff
  • Administration
Our special guests were the Granados family, whose brother was a Coast Guard officer who perished in the attack of 911.
For pictures of this event look in the Photo Album on  this website!