MiSiS is here!!


This online resource represents the next generation of the District’s solution for entering, managing, analyzing, and reporting all data connected to every single student. A suite of fully integrated tools, MiSiS brings everything that educators, counselors, parents/guardians and others need to support each student's education into a comprehensive "one-stop shop." These include:

The District is moving in important new directions to ensure that our student data systems function properly, are easy to use, and provide everything we need to make the right data-driven decisions about our students. The key is direct and ongoing involvement of our educators, parents/guardians, and others in the development process, helping the system to evolve quickly into what our schools—and ultimately our students—need to succeed.

Learn more about MiSiS by browsing this website or by contacting us with any questions you have.

Here is the step by step guide for taking attendance:  

The roster view is available for teachers to take attendance and they should check to make sure they have access to MiSiS.  Here is a link for the office to enter attendance: 

All of the training materials are on the website at:

To login to MiSiS use the link below: