School Site Council 2012-13

This year’s SSC members are:
Principal - Mr. Jose Huerta
Teachers - Mr. Jose Andrade, Mr. Tomas Chavez, Mr. Lorenzo Hernandez, Mr. Antonio Marquez, Mr. Gabriel Rico
“Other” (Out of the Classroom Staff) - Mr. Javier Gonzalez, Mr. Joseph Holguin
Parents – Mercedes Aguayo, Claudia Herrera, Olivia Murillo, Claudia Ortiz
Students – Lance Fernandez, Gema Oros, Josue Ruiz, Jasmine Servin
Alternates – Ms. Genevi Loeb (Teacher), Mrs. Rosie Marquez (“Other”), Rebeca Ramirez (Parent Alt #1), Martha Hernandez (Parent Alt #2), Ana Naranjo (Parent Alt #3), Kimberly T. Perez (Student Alt #1), and Esther Huerta (Student Alt #2)
In order to comply with District mandates, we will conduct the SSC officer orientation and elections this coming Thursday, October 4, at 3:15pm in the Faculty Lounge (200 building).
Officially, we will have 2 meetings. We are required to split the meetings when conducting orientations and elections on the same day. Please refer to the attached agendas.
Our first regular SSC meeting will take place on Thursday, October 11, at 3:15pm. I will provide you with the agenda at a later date.
Javier Gonzalez
Garfield High School
Title I Coordinator