Garfield Senior High School

Welcome to the Home of the Bulldogs!..........Garfield has been recognized as a California Gold Ribbon School.........The Bulldogs are into the Semi-Final round of the Div. 1 Football Playoffs.  The Bulldogs face San Fernando on Friday, November 24 at 7pm..........Go Bulldogs!
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School Site Council
The SSC is the decision-making council for Consolidated Application programs operated at the school to improve student achievement. The SSC shall develop and approve the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) in consultation with all stakeholders (with the review, certification and advice of any applicable school advisory committee, including the Compensatory Education Advisory Committee (CEAC), the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and the Gifted & Talented Education Program Advisory Committee.
Roles/Responsibilities of the SSC are to:
  • Develop a comprehensive Single Plan for Student Achievement and ensure that the school is continually engaged in identifying and implementing curriculum and instructional practices.
  • The SSC must meet at least six (6) times per year.
Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Garfield HS School Site Council (SSC) members for winning their respective elections.
This year’s SSC members are:
Principal - Mr. Mario Cantu
Teachers - Mr. Jose Andrade, Mr. Ms. Jennifer Nguyen, Mr. Randall Saisho, Mr. Eric Solis, Ms. Melissa Turriaga
“Other” (Out of the Classroom Staff) - Mr. Alfonso Gil and Lupe Jimenez
Parents – Dula Camargo, Reyna Frias, Griselda Ibarra, and Celina Martinez,
Students – Fabiola Argueta, Mike Davila, Jennifer Ruiz, and Juan Vaca