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GEAR UP Services


* Tutoring: GEAR UP offers math and English tutoring for students who are part of our cohort. This service is offered Monday through Friday inside the classroom and after school on the high school campus.

* Academic Advisement: Each GEAR UP student is matched with an academic advisor who monitors his/her class schedule and grades, and designs an academic plan with the student to carry them through to high school graduation and college entrance. Each advisor is assigned a group of 40-50 high school students and the focus of the counseling is on academics, community service and leadership.

* College Prep Workshops: GEAR UP offers PSAT, SAT, and CAHSEE test preparation workshops for students. GEAR UP also provides workshops on study skills, time management, and the college search and application processes.

* College Visits: GEAR UP takes participants on field trips to college campuses. Students also meet college faculty, attend college lectures, and participate in college labs.

* GEAR UP Club: This student-run organization meets on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to talk about college and career options which help students develop leadership skills while preparing for the college-going process.

Parent Component at GEAR UP High Schools

* Parent meetings: All parents are updated on their child’s academic progress each term and informed of upcoming GEAR UP events.

* Parent Workshop: GEAR UP collaborates with existing school-based programs to offer weekly/monthly workshops that provide parents with important information about the school system, how to improve communication with school personnel, and how to access academic support programs.

* College Visits: GEAR UP parents and students participate in college field trips to strengthen their understanding of college expectations. These experiences empower parents with knowledge and awareness about college, which make it easier for them to support, encourage and motivate their children to pursue higher education.

* Home Visits: GEAR UP staff visit the homes of all GEAR UP participants, to share information about GEAR UP and high school programs. During these visits GEAR UP staff will let you know how your child is doing academically and socially, and will inform you of the special programs available to help you and your child to better prepare for successful high school completion and college entrance.

Professional and Administrative Development Component at GEAR UP High Schools

o Teacher Trainings: Math and English Teachers are provided with frequent trainings by outside vendors, CSU programs or CSU Los Angeles faculty on pedagogical tools to help strengthen the classroom instruction.

o Intersession: GEAR UP collaborates with the high school administration to supplement the intersession curriculum in order to increase the numbers of students who receive a “C” or higher in A-G math and English classes.

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