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Teacher Librarian

Hi there, it's me, Mr. Garcia from the Library -- welcome to my page!  I've been the Library Media Teacher at Garfield since 1998, and prior to that, I taught social studies (history) for eighteen years.

Do you ever wonder what kind of questions I get at the Library? Here's some:

Student: “I’m looking for a book that I read, but I can’t find it.”
Mr. Garcia: “What’s the title of the book?”
Student: “I don’t know, but it’s blue with a girl on the front cover. Where can I find it?”

“Do you have the book, How to Kill a Mockingbird?”

“Do you have the book, Catch Her in the Rye?”

“Do you have this book about where a guy gets killed?” Six questions later, it turned out to be In Cold Blood.

Student: “Do you have the history of life?”
Mr. Garcia: “Is that the title of a book?
Student: “No, it’s the title of a notebook. A teacher wants it.”
After some thought, it turned out to be the History Alive Project

"Where are your history books?"

“Do you have any books?” The student thought for a few seconds and then continued, “Well, I mean do you have . . .”

"I Xeroxed this page from a book. Can you tell me which one?"

Student: “Do you have that book where the girl is stuck on an island?”
Mr. Garcia: “Do you mean, Island of the Blue Dolphins?”
Student: “I guess.”

One day I was asked by a student, “Do you know what the seven deadly sins are?” We searched our books on religion (this was before we had the Internet), but we could find no answer. So I called the local church. The priest answered, and I told him the student’s question. He thought for a moment and said, “Let’s see, there’s Lust.” There was a moment’s silence, and then I could hear him asking another priest, “What are the seven deadly sins?” In the background came the reply, “Let’s see, there’s Lust … I don’t know the rest.” They called back later with the full answer.

A custodian runs into the library, out of breath, and puts a Ziploc bag in my face and asks, “What kind of spider is this?” This was before the internet, so we attacked the reference books on arachnids. I could not narrow down the type of spider it was – and the custodian needed to know very badly – someone had been bitten by a spider. Was it a violin spider? So I did the next best thing and called the L.A. Zoo and asked for their expert on spiders. He answered, and I described the spider to him, and he definitely said it was not a brown recluse (or violin) spider.

Pictured from top to bottom: My dogs, Dodger and Ranger; My Mom and my sons; My wife and I at the Getty Villa; My wife and I at Seattle; My wife and sons at Mt. Rainier in Washington